Read this before getting a hysterectomy.

Discover How the FAS Technique Provides an Alternative to Hysterectomy for Women Suffering from Fibroids

With over 600,000 hysterectomies being performed each year in the United States, two thirds of those are for non-cancerous conditions. This means that almost 400,000 hysterectomies are performed each year that are potentially not needed.

This has led to a myriad of treatments for patients with non-cancerous uterine fibroids in an attempt to provide alternatives for women who want to avoid a hysterectomy. However,

Most Procedures Only Treat The Symptoms, Not the Disease.

Introducing The FAS Technique

The FAS technique is an innovative and highly effective approach to the treatment of fibroid tumor disease. It successfully preserves the uterus no matter the size, number or location of fibroids, and can treat other female diseases like adenomyosis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and uterine prolapse.

FAS is a bloodless open surgical procedure that uses both vascular surgical techniques, lasers and uterine reconstruction to accomplish the goal of removing fibroids without hysterectomy. We have successfully removed over 500 tumors from one patient as seen in the above video.

No Consent to Hysterectomy, EVER

While many doctors look at the uterus as "just an organ of reproduction", you know it is much more than that. Women are realizing there is a mind body connection to the uterus and its importance goes beyond just fertility.

With the FAS technique, you will have peace of mind knowing that your surgery is being performed by doctors who understand and appreciate your philosophy. Our surgeons have the training and experience to deliver your desired outcome of safely removing your fibroids without the frightening reality of a hysterectomy.

Having surgery with the FAS technique will reassure you that you have made the right decision to save your uterus!!

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FAS treats the disease, not just the symptoms

With over 20 years of experience and over 1500 successful cases, the FAS technique has become a highly sought after approach for many women with fibroids who desire to keep their uterus. Read some of our patient stories.

It will be three years in January since I had surgery, hard to believe. I am getting close to menopause as my cycles are every 3-4 months now and some hot flashes etc. As for my periods !! They are 2 days of light spotting. No more stuck in the house , anemic tired and sad. No pressure in my abdomen, I don’t have to pee all the time and no lower back ache. Every time I look at my scar I am so grateful , for Dr del Junco Jr.'s skill and all the care I received. It truly gave me my life back.

BT Resides: Florida

I just wanted you to know that the quality of my life has improved dramatically. I’m able to enjoy life so much more now. No more heavy periods or sluggish feeling.

My entire family says I’m so much happier and my mood is so much more positive now. I’m even able to perform so much better on my job. I’m considering applying for a new position because I know I can perform at a high level now. I’m so happy that I had the surgery.

I’m looking forward  to going to my friends annual "all white" apparel  party this summer because I wasn’t able to go to the one last summer, due to my heavy periods. If anyone is on the fence about waiting to have surgery with Dr. del Junco Jr. please encourage them to go ahead and improve their quality of life.

CW Resides: California

At 36 I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. Because of the large size of them and my desire not to have blood during the procedure, I was told by my physician I would require a hysterectomy because a myomectomy would be too risky. Although I have no desire to have children, I thought this was a bit extreme considering my age. I found Dr. del Junco Jr. doing an Internet search for alternative treatments.

Choosing to have treatment with him turned out to be the best decision. His entire philosophy not only on the surgery but the aftercare is so different from anything else out there (completely bloodless surgery and no waivers for hysterectomy to name just a couple).

As a comparison, I had a friend who had a C-section the same time I had my surgery and my recovery time was a fraction of hers. My entire family was amazed at how quickly I was mobile and moving on my own.

I am now 4 months post op and everything is back to normal. I feel great and am so glad I found Dr. del Junco Jr.. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

AE Resides: Hawaii

No words can ever describe how grateful I am to you, to your blessed skills, to your open mind, to your willingness to think and participate outside the “norm” and your willingness and pioneering spirit to take the path less traveled. You are a medical maverick! A true explorer and pioneer!

You are a master surgeon and I will be forever appreciative of your skills, of what you have strived to offer as an alternative program, and for your continued willingness to work outside of “conventional” thinking in order to preserve the quality of life for the women that are lucky enough and blessed enough to find you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…….With deepest sincere appreciation

MC Resides: California

We have hundreds of stories from all over the world just like these that spread across almost 30 pages. If you would like to learn more about our patients and their success with FAS, please request a complimentary pdf of all our patients stories when you fill out the form or call.

How do I find out if I am a candidate for the
FAS Technique?

That's easy. We invite you to have a complimentary consultation with our program coordinator. In this private one on one phone consultation, she will listen to your story and make recommendations according to your situation.  If you both agree the FAS technique is potentially a good fit, then your next step is to meet the doctor himself, Tirso del Junco Jr, MD.

As you can see from the numerous patient journeys, the FAS Technique has changed the lives of thousands of women. However there are a few conditions in which this program may not be right for someone.

Since Dr. del Junco Jr. is the only doctor in the world that performs this procedure, he can only help women that can travel to Los Angeles for the treatment.

Since this is a highly specialized procedure, certain insurance plans may not cover it.

If these two small items do not deter you in your fight to finally cure your fibroids and keep your uterus, we urge you to fill in the form below to schedule your complimentary consultation.

To find out if you are a candidate for the FAS Technique, Call us at:

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