Have you been told by your Doctor that you need a hysterectomy?

Chances Are, You Don't Need One

Statistics show that over 800,000 hysterectomies are performed annually in the United States, and 80% are unwarranted.

If you have been diagnosed with Fibroid tumors, or any other non-cancerous female disorder, you DO NOT need a hysterectomy. With our world renowned laser assisted procedure, we can safely remove your fibroids, no matter the size, number or location, without removing your uterus.

In many cases, fertility can be spared dependent on the severity of your disease process.

Why are we against Hysterectomy?

The Institute’s foundational belief is to preserve organs. Our philosophy is to save the uterus and ovaries as long as there is no diagnosis of cancer. Physiologically and emotionally, we know that women remain holistically balanced when the uterus is preserved. Up to 75% of women experience irreversible side effects once the uterus is removed.

These symptoms include hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction, prolapse of bowel and bladder, weight gain, osteoporosis and early onset of heart disease.

Why choose our Female Alternative Surgery?

  • No post operative symptoms associated with Hysterectomy
  • No surgical blood transfusions
  • No surgical consenting for “possible hysterectomy”
  • High percentage of surgery done via bikini incision
  • Remain awake for your surgery
  • View your surgery on Video

A Few Testimonials from Our Clients

“Dr. del Junco gave me my life back! And a lifetime of thanks still would not be enough to show my deep gratitude and appreciation for what Dr. del Junco did for me. He removed 279 fibroids, removed some cysts from an ovary and a fallopian tube and even repaired an unexpected hernia! He is the master at what he does. Since the surgery, my life has changed. I am positive and upbeat. I am full of energy and therefore, more active. I lost a considerable amount of weight. I now wear tops that show off my flat tummy and smaller waistline. I’m in love with me again! And I owe it all to Dr. del Junco!” CR – Iwoa

“Since my surgery I have lost eighteen pounds and exercise several times a week. Being tired and having no energy use to be normal for me. I feel so much better now. I wish more women knew about the surgery and that other drs. would be interested in learning about the surgery.” MF-Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for giving me back a full, productive life again. Immediately after the surgery, I stopped feeling the terrible back pain along with all of the other unpleasant physical symptoms I was experiencing on a daily basis. You are such a wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate doctor. You’re truly a godsend for women.” VC-South Carolina

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