Have you been diagnosed with Fibroid Tumor Disease and your doctor recommends a Hysterectomy?

There is an alternative  

With our surgery, hysterectomy is not necessary.

At our Los Angeles Private Practice, we admit new patients every 6 to 8 weeks

If you have been diagnosed with Fibroid tumors, or any other non-cancerous female disorder, you DO NOT need a hysterectomy. With our world renowned laser assisted bloodless surgery, we can safely remove your fibroids, no matter the size, number or location, without removing your uterus.

Fertility can be spared dependent on the severity of your disease process.

800,000 Hysterectomies performed annually and 80% are unwarranted

Why Choose our Hysterectomy Alternative Surgery: 

  1. No post operative symptoms associated with Hysterectomy
  2. No surgical blood transfusions
  3. No surgical consenting for “possible hysterectomy
  4. High percentage of surgery done via bikini incision
  5. Remain awake for your surgery
  6. View your surgery on Video

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Why are we against Hysterectomy?

The Institute’s foundational belief is to preserve organs. Our philosophy is to save the uterus and ovaries as long as there is no diagnosis of cancer. Physiologically and emotionally, we know that women remain holistically balanced when the uterus is preserved. Up to 75% of women experience irreversible side effects once the uterus is removed.

These symptoms include hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction, prolapse of bowel and bladder, weight gain, osteoporosis and early onset of heart disease.

YRNew York

Since my surgery in 2005, every one of my gynecological exams has shown no reproductive problems. There have been no fibroids or ovarian cysts and I’ve had no issues with endometriosis. My doctor always sends me out for a sonogram “just to be sure there’s nothing there” and is always amazed at the results, especially knowing my history.I feel wonderful and I’m so grateful I decided to have the surgery. If I hadn’t I’m certain I would have ended up with continuing problems or a complete hysterectomy. FAS was easily the clear choice.


I am deeply grateful for your skill, artistry and dedication to healing and transformation. The surgery was one of the best experiences of my life. I am a completely new woman now! I am grateful beyond words.

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