Cysts and Fibroid Tumors

Age: 29 years old
Resides: New Jersey

Like many other women, there is a history of hysterectomies in my family. I have listened to all of the stories from the women in my family and I definitely did not want to have a hysterectomy that is not even needed. When I was in my early 20’s, I was diagnosed with cysts and fibroids. I went to many doctors over the years and all of them (even females) said that at some point in my life, I would end up having a hysterectomy.

I spent a considerable amount of time doing research and reading informative books. After an encounter with an HMO doctor who tried to get me to sign a consent form for a hysterectomy, which left me feeling helpless, depressed and angry; I contacted Dr. del Junco Jr.

I had heard good things about Dr. del Junco Jr. and scheduled surgery with him. I like his policy of “informed consent” and the respect he showed in allowing me to make decisions about my body. This in itself is a very empowering element to women who have never been given an alternative to a hysterectomy. A real plus was Dr. del Junco Jr.’s policy of allowing a friend or relative to stay with me in my room. I was also given the choice of watching my surgery, which I did. That choice confirmed that Dr. del Junco Jr. was unequivocably sure of his expertise, was extremely capable, and had nothing to hide. I felt pretty good relatively soon after my surgery and received a big hug from Dr. del Junco Jr. when I went back for follow-up surgery.

It was refreshing to meet a physician who encouraged and provided me with information regarding all aspects of my surgery. It is important for women to continue to self-educate themselves in order to be involved in their own choices for good health. I will continue to participate in lobbying for improved healthcare with regards to informed consent and a more holistic approach to health.


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