40 Fibroids, Hernia, Large Cervical Cyst, Right Peritubal Cyst, Endometriosis, and Very Large Endometrial Fibroid

Age: 53 years old
Resides: Colorado

I was first diagnosed with fibroids in 1997.Also I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses,and since the only treatment for these,because I am 53 years old,is a hysterectomy. I was told that this would be a very bloody surgery and I would need blood. This is not a option for me, so I had to find another way of treatment.

So I started reading every book on female problems, especially fibroids. In the meantime I was suffering with heavy periods, painful cramps, clots,irregular periods,increased urinary frequency, bloating, and mood swings that were at times unbearable for me and everyone around me.

In time I found a wonderful,caring doctor; Dr.del Junco Jr.and his surgical nurse Patrica Marshall. I spoke first to Patrica in 1997, late in that year. But it took me 2 years to make up my mind. So I had my surgery in August 9,1999. This was the day my life would be given back to me.

I decided to have an epidural, which allowed me to watch the whole surgery. It lasted for 3 1/2 hours. You might wonder why it was so long – well let me tell you what was found!

I thought I had only 6 fibroids, well the doctor found 40 fibroids, a hernia, which is normal for fibroids, a large cervical cyst,a right peritubal cyst, endometiosis, which I had no idea that I had, and a very large endometrial fibroid. Dr.del Junco Jr.’s hands skillfully took all these horrible problems out of my body.

It gives me the chills, even today, that if I had been in another doctors hands, I would not have all my female organs. Dr. del Junco Jr. saved my female identity in that respect.

I have had my follow up surgery, which is necessary, and all is well. I have been so well that it has taken me 7 months to write this testimonial. I have been catching up on all the things that I haven’t been able to do before.

But now I want my other female friends that are suffering as I was, to know that there is another way to treat all female problems and that is by means of Female Alternative Surgery. Don’t go across the border, stay here and seek out Dr.del Junco Jr. to help you. Become involved in your own health and preserve your female identity.

Thank you,


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