Para Ovarian Cyst

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Posted on Tuesday, June 05, 2001 – 3:27 am

I have been diagnosed with a para ovarian cyst that is not attached to any female organs. First diagnosis was two years ago. The cyst was 10cm and was aspirated and diagnosed as a simple cyst. It has subsequently grown back and I am scheduled for an ultrasound in two days to determine size. Doctor’s guess is 12 cm and is recommending surgery and ovary removal (because she says 1 in 80 women have problems later in life and it will save me another surgery. I declined that option). I am almost 51 years old and have a history of fibrocystic disease and have had two cysts removed from my right breast in the past. Could you please give me some direction as I have searched the internet, and there seem to be little information available for a cyst that is “para”, not attached to the ovaries. What surgery if any do you recommend. It causes discomfort only occasionally. Thank you for your help.

Dr. del Junco Jr. (Doctor)
Posted on Tuesday, June 05, 2001 – 1:21 pm

Dear Cynthia-
This problem occurs with many patients that have their cysts aspirated or removed via laparoscopy-if the cyst “capsule” is not completely removed the cyst will most likely reoccur. You need to have an open surgical procedure and have the entire cyst removed; chances of the cyst re-occuring will be minimized.

Posted on Friday, June 08, 2001 – 11:58 am

Dr. Del Junco,
I have had a myomectomy and now five more tumors have grown back. I am looking for an alternative other then another myomectomy, please advise.

Dr. del Junco Jr. (Doctor)
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 – 8:43 am

Dear Tiarashad-
You did not mention when your last myomectomy was, however most likely your tumors did NOT grow back: they were never completely removed during your first surgery!! This is the problem with most myomectomies.
In order to treat your disease, you will need to remove your tumors. FAS is a form of laser assisted myomectomy, but we remove as many tumors as can be found in the uterus, even as small as a pencil eraser.
The laser assists in preventing regrowth. Please give my office a call if you are interested.