Hysterectomy Warning

Dear Dr. Del Junco,

I’m writing because after finding your website, I went and cried. I have so much regret since my hysterectomy 5 years ago.

I am 36 now and at age 31 my final surgery to remove my ovaries took place.

All my adult life I suffered with pelvic pain, had laparoscopies after Laparoscopies, over and over again.

I finally found a specialist in California who is still practicing today, but I believe his surgery only made me worse and has put me where I am today.

It was my persistence to feel better and I would not give up till I found the right Dr. I searched but may have been too quick to decide on the Doctor I ended up with.

All the money I spent and the traveling and pain I endured did not help me, but only made me worse.

He is a Reproductive Endocrinologist, who states on his website that he can take the endo away, that he is so wonderful and can help women be pain free. He only caused me more pain and that is disturbing to me. To think that so many women believe that they will not live the way they have, after seeing him.

I am a prime example of what is true after a hysterectomy. He said I had large veins in my uterus, this had never been mentioned to me prior in all my other surgeries. He removed my uterus, cut my vagina at the bottom from right to left, ablated glands in the urethra and vestibular area, lasered my insides and removed what he called hernias. He left my cervix and ovaries in tact. After that horrible, painful and expensive surgery, my life went down hill.

My ovaries started to bleed, developed painful cysts, and continued to collect fluid and drop…I had pain in my vagina for a full year, and it hurt to urinate daily. I had scars that needed revision 3 times and my new doctor that I found close to home was angry that all this had been done to me as he felt it was not necessary. I was left feeling hopeless and constantly in pain.

My doctor had put me under a few times that year to help me, but I continued to have the same problems and continuous pain, and he said that he could not continue to put me under and that I knew what was coming didn’t I? Feeling hopeless and nowhere else to turn, no money to find another Doctor, I agreed to have my ovaries removed.

I am a difficult case to get balanced. My metabolism tends to go thru the estrogen rather quickly, I have been unsuccessful in finding balance, I can’t decide whether or not conjugated or estradiol is the right route for me. I am scared, depressed and feel as though life is worthless.

I feel ugly and not a woman anymore. I need help and don’t know where to turn.

I don’t know where to go, who to ask… just absolutely lost in this body I now have.

I am a prime example that a hysterectomy is the wrong decision, and I fear I will never have a fulfilling life ever again, that I will always live with regret and sadness and never be happy. I fear the life I live, what may come and what problems I will continue to have.

Tues March 21st I had yet another surgery, more endometriosis and kinked up bowles from adhesions, and a large cyst sitting at the top of my vagina.

I’m desperate, I wish for ridiculous things that will never be…like an ovary transplant. I’m so regretful and don’t know how to get past it. I know I need help but where do I even turn? My life is terrible now.

I don’t believe I will ever be happy again, be able to have sex like a normal woman at my age. What counselor could even help me with this? It isn’t just regular counseling, I hope for answers that I can still live a fulfilling life, but I don’t believe it. I will never believe that I’ll be happy. I get scared and think that the results of this surgery will kill me.

That down the road, something else will happen and cause me more problems because I’m empty inside, not only physically but in my heart I feel emptiness.

I didn’t have cancer, I just had bad run ins with bad doctors… now this is how I will live because of only wanting to be happy and pain free.

I’d like to prevent any woman from having a hysterectomy, let them know it isn’t the cure all, unless you have cancer. I’m not accepting of myself now, and I don’t know how I ever will be, I just wanted to feel good and now I only feel worse.

Hormone balancing is hell, I would take it all back if I could.