Biopsy for Fibroid Tumor

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Posted on Saturday, March 04, 2000 – 7:26 am

A very close friend of mine just learned she has a fibroid tumor. The doctor wants to do a biopsy which my friend feels isn’t necessary and at this time will only have a sonogram done and also thinks a blood test could show if cancer is involved. What is the correct procedure for testing the fibroid tumor ??? She also has a wait and see attitude. How bad is this ???

Dr. del Junco Jr. (Doctor)
Posted on Wednesday, March 08, 2000 – 4:12 pm

Dear Anonymous-
Since fibroid tumors very rarely become malignant, biopsy is not a standard procedure. Ultrasounds are commonly performed for diagnosis.
A blood test known as a CA 125 can be drawn; however this is a “tumor marker” and is not specific to one disease. Elevations can occur with ovarian tumors, and endometriosis. This is also NOT a standard test drawn for fibroids.