Adenomyosis and Fertility

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Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2003 – 11:05 pm

I was just told recently that I probably have adenomyosis. After an ultrasound, I was told that my uterus was homogeneous and appeared grainy as well as enlarged (nearly two times its normal size). My original complaint was intense lower back pain only appearing about one week before menstruation, but that has since completely disappeared. During a pelvic examination, my doctor discovered a very tender area at the back of my uterus and thought I could have endometriosis. I am 32 years old and have never had children, but desperately want to. If I do have adenomyosis, will this affect my ability to get pregnant or carry to term? Because I haven’t complained of unusual menstrual pain or irregular bleeding, my doctor has agreed to hold off treating me, but didn’t mention that doing so might affect my fertility in any way. Is there any hope, and if so is there a possibility that becoming pregnant could “cure” me?

Thank you Doctor.

Dr. del Junco Jr. (Doctor)
Posted on Friday, July 11, 2003 – 1:45 pm

Dear Cynna-
Based on your email…you probably are in the early stages of the disease progresses so will the symptoms.
Traditional gynecological treatment for adenomyosis ends up with hysterectomy….hormonal treatment may slow down the disease process but will not effect the eventual outcome. IF you have adeno…do NOT wait to get pregnant. This disease spreads with every menstrual cycle and damages the uterine the damage spreads the women is either incapable of getting pregnant or once pregnant often miscarry in the first trimester. Any patient that is suspected of having this disease, should not postpone a pregnancy. The longer you wait…there is a chance you will not be able to carry a full term pregnancy. If a pregnancy is successful, the hormone changes will slow down the spread of the disease, however once the pregnancy is over, the disease will begin to spread again.
Eventually, women end up in surgery for this disease…and it is usually hysterectomy. Our FAS program can effectively laser treat the disease and significantly reduce the symptoms, while giving the patient the option to keep their uterus however the treatment often renders the women infertile.