Menopausal Support Formula

Formulated to address the overall health and well being of the menopausal Woman. Our multi vitamin is formulated with nutritionally meaningful amounts of 30 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to form the most comprehensive multi-dimensional supplement. Among menopausal women, bone breakdown exceeds formation, resulting in bone loss, which leads to the risk of developing osteoporosis. In our Osteo Support tablet, calcium and vitamin D support bone mineral density, magnesium supports bone strength and remodeling, boron promotes calcium and magnesium balance, vitamin K activates proteins used in bone metabolism and silicon helps replace calcium deposition in bone to form collagen. (Calcium citrate-malate, an already soluable form that is equally well absorbed with or without food, is used).

To address the most difficult symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings and sleep disorders, our Women’s Support Formula has researched proven black cohosh, sage, and gamma-oryzanol. Hesperidin methylchalcone supports and protects the integrity of the vascular system which can be compromised as a result of hormone fluctuations.

Suggested Use:

  • One (1) pack daily with food.

** If after 30 days the number of hot flashes have not improved, add One capsule of our Women’s Support Formula.

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