Insurance & Pricing

Provided in this section is information to assist you with your preparation and financial planning for Female Alternative Surgery at the Institute for Female Alternative Medicine.

Information needed prior to your visit
Please provide the following before you visit the Institute:

  1. A copy of the pelvic ultrasound, or CT or MRI report within the past year positively identifying a disease such as fibroid tumors (or fibroids), endometriosis, adenomyosis, or ovarian cysts that requires a surgical alternative to hysterectomy.
  2. A pap smear result within the past year.
  3. Insurance information to verify benefits and begin a pre-certification process. We will need a copy of both the front and back of your insurance card, your date of birth and phone number where we can call you back.

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Does Insurance Cover Female Alternative Surgery?

Prior to your visit, please send the Institute’s Program Coordinator your insurance information so that your coverage and benefits for the surgery can be verified. Insurance information will be given to our affiliate, Mission Community Hospital, so that inpatient hospital benefits can be verified and out of pocket costs estimated. Mission, as a courtesy to the Institute’s patients, gives a significant percentile discount on services. Therefore, most patients only have outstanding deductibles that are owed and collected at the time of admission.

Coverage must consist of a private insurance policy, either a PPO, POS or Indemnity plan. FAS, the surgical alternative to hysterectomy, is not covered by Medicare, Medical or HMO/EPO plans of any type.

There is often a significant variance in insurance benefits and coverage depending on state of residence, policy and group plan. All patients are required to put down a surgical deposit the week of arrival to the program. The amount of the deposit depends on your verified insurance benefits. This deposit must be paid by cash, money order, or bank certified check. We cannot accept personal checks or credit cards for this surgery deposit.

The Institute cannot guarantee the exact amount of insurance reimbursement prior to the surgical procedure. This is dependent on coverage levels and medical reviews within the insurance company. Reimbursement can be widely variable within one insurance carrier. We will do our best to financially prepare you based on previous experience with insurance payors.

The Institute will bill all private insurance companies directly for surgical services.

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How much is the Initial Consultation with Dr. del Junco Jr?

The initial consultation with Dr. del Junco Jr. is $300 and includes the following:

  • Taking a complete personal history
  • Thorough explanation of Female Alternative Surgery

This service is paid for at the time of the consultation either by cash or personal check. Insurance paperwork is provided to you for filing with your insurance provider.

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What if I don’t have insurance?

For those patients without insurance coverage, or who have HMO plans or restrictive managed care policies, the Female Alternative Surgical procedure is available at a significantly reduced flat fee. Please contact us for more information.

The fee includes:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Assistant Surgeon’s fees
  • Medical Internist clearance with four-hospital day visits
  • Anesthesiology fees
  • Radiology fees
  • All Laboratory tests including a complete Hormone Panel
  • Pathology processing
  • Medical review of all surgical specimens
  • Laser Company fees for two Lasers and technical support staff
  • Operating room time
  • Operating room equipment costs
  • A copy of ALL medical records (operative report, lab reports, etc.)
  • 4 day hospital stay in a private room with your companion
  • Meals for you and your companion

Remaining expenses not included in the fee are: transportation to and from Los Angeles and the cost of a one-week hotel stay to have the mandatory follow-up visit with the doctor.