Alternative Surgery Differences

Dr. del Junco Jr. and the staff at the Institute for Female Alternative Medicine have made it possible for a patient and her companions to see her own bloodless, state of the art laser surgery to remove fibroids, endometriosis and other diseases of the uterus. This important, optional service allows a woman to be awake and alert during a procedure designed as an alternative to hysterectomy to preserve the woman’s reproductive organs.

1. We do not ask our patients to sign a consent for “possible hysterectomy” with our procedure, and have never removed a uterus.

Frequently during myomectomies, blood loss can become extensive and difficult to control. Further, once the patient is on the operating room table and the doctor sees the extent of the fibroid tumor disease, the decision is often made to proceed directly to hysterectomy. In many fibroid surgeries today, it is rare that a gynecologist will proceed with a patient’s myomectomy without securing a consent for hysterectomy first. This gives your doctor the discretion to remove your uterus at any moment during the procedure if they deem it necessary.

We at the Institute never consent any patient for a “possible hysterectomy” no matter how large the tumors or how many the patient has. After FAS, patients emerge with fibroid tumors removed and uterus intact. We have never had to perform a hysterectomy in our 15 years of practice, despite some extreme cases with tumors as large as 35cm.

2. We have never had to give a blood transfusion during our procedure.

Many patients preparing for a traditional myomectomy are required to donate blood prior to surgery due to the concern of intra-operative blood loss because one of traditional fibroid surgery’s possible complications is extensive blood loss. Thanks to vascular surgical techniques, we have never had to transfuse a patient any blood during FAS. In fact, we are able to operate on many Jehovah’s Witness patients because they cannot accept blood for religious beliefs. Additionally, this eliminates any possibility of contracting Hepatitis or HIV from tainted blood supply.

3. Stay awake during your surgery

One of the newest widely adopted advances in surgery is to remain awake during your surgical procedure – a process called epidural anesthesia. The Institute for Female Alternative Medicine is pleased to offer this option for Female Alternative Surgery in the treatment of fibroid tumors (fibroids), adenomyosis, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Although not widely available in traditional surgeries, our Institute started offering this option over 15 years ago. Today, 98% of our patients receive epidural anesthesia accompanied by some intravenous sedation allowing patients to remain awake during the procedure, receive complete pain relief, and virtually no post-operative general anesthesia side effects like nausea and vomiting. Patients are also up and out of bed much more quickly, leading to faster recovery. General Anesthesia is always available for those patients who do not meet epidural guidelines or who prefer to be fully asleep for surgery.

4. See your surgery on video

We videotape all our procedures for patients and family to watch so that you and your family can have the reassurance that your disease has been successfully and effectively treated with no fibroid tumors intentionally or knowingly left in the uterus. Whether for fibroid tumors (fibroids), adenomyosis or other diseases treated by FAS, the entire surgical procedure can be viewed live via closed circuit television in the patient’s room. Family members and invited companions are welcome to observe the procedure as it takes place. It will also be videotaped for the patient to view in the privacy of her room, should she not elect to watch the procedure live. We strongly believe that direct visualization helps patients and family to fully comprehend the nature and scope of the disease, and recovery is enhanced by knowledge that the disease was effectively treated. We have never refused a patient for surgery and have seen some of the worst cases in the country – from 500 tumors in one patient, to a uterus the size of a pregnancy at 36 weeks, full of tumors.

All our patients have had successful procedures with: No blood transfusions, no loss of organs and no complications. So far we are the unrecognized successful alternative to hysterectomy. If you would like to learn more about our program, or speak with one of the many women who have been through our surgery at the Institute, please fill out the form below or give us a call directly at 800 505 4326 .